Speaker Interview - Birla Cellulosic

60 Seconds with Birla Cellulosic on Nonwovens

Ahead of Rahul Bansal, General Manager of Nonwoven’s presentation at GO Wipes Europe 2018, we spoke to him about his sustainable fibres development, future technology trends and smarter wipes.

How is technology transforming the wipes industry?

Innovation and technology have always played an important role in the growth of wipes industry. However, with such a fast changing regulatory environment and consumer activism, the role of innovation and technology has become even more important, to provide a sustainable direction to the wipes industry.

BIRLA Purocel – Anti Bac plus fibre is one such innovation. This is a uniquely treated fibre that helps to create nonwovens that restricts the growth of odor causing bacteria. This can help in minimizing the usage of preservatives in the wipes lotion.

How can smarter wipes differ from alternative products?

I believe smarter wipes are imperative to the future of the industry. By introducing smarter wipes it is possible to address the unsaid or latent consumer expectations. Today’s consumer wants a more sustainable, cleaner wipe, with less chemicals. A smarter wipe mist offer these solutions.

What are your thoughts about the development of sustainable fibres? How can brands communicate the benefit of them?

Every process has some impact on the environment but within the wipes industry, we need to work towards minimizing the impact of our processes and products. The move to sustainable wipes would start from usage of sustainable raw materials like fibres.

Cellulosic fibres that comes from renewably sourced wood and are completely bio-degradable and compostable, provide the opportunity to the brands to offer more sustainable wipe products to the consumers.

Labelling of wipes is also very important in communicating the correct benefits and we look forward to closely work with brands / retailers in this direction. I hope GO Wipes will be of immense help in creating these important associations.

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