Speaker Interview - UPM Raflatac

Revealing The Secrets Of Wet Wipes Labelling

Ahead of GO Wipes Europe we caught up with Martti Osmo Vähälä, Business Development & Segment Manager, Tyre & Wet Wipes, Specials, EMEIA, UPM Raflatac to understand more about his presentation on wet wipes labelling, his perspectives on sustainable packaging for wet wipes, meeting consumer demands and the future of wipes packaging.

What could you anticipate about the secrets of wet wipes labelling?

Even being physically only a tiny part of wet wipe package, open-closure label has very important role in total consumer satisfaction. Firstly, label needs to show that package has not been opened or tampered being at store; and after that it needs to provide smooth opening for the first time. After that, it needs to function as open-closure tool for up to 60-70 times, without losing its performance. In addition, label typically acts as base for printing; and thus carry important information during the shelf life of the package. There are much more to this, and you will hear about those during the actual presentation

What best approach to meet today’s consumer demands?

Magic word is tailoring. There is no single solution which would perform well in all wet wipe applications; eg. baby wipes do have totally different requirements than wipes for engine compartment cleaning. Also, sustainability features are having more and more impact on consumer selections.

From your point of view, what would the future of wipes packaging solutions be?

Like mentioned in previous comment; following topics are to be included in tomorrow’s wet wipe package:

a. Performance; tailored solution for various sub segments

b. Safety, consumer needs be sure about hygiene and tamper proof

c. Sustainability, this includes down gauging and source reduction for packaging materials, as well as recycling of final packages

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