The European Wipes Market Outlook – The New “Normal”….. 2023 and Beyond Online Workshop

Date - 7 June 2023 | Online

Time - 12:00 - 16:30 CET | Ticket Price - €399 + VAT*

(Registration will close at midnight on Tuesday 6 June 2023)

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About the Workshop

This is an “interactive” workshop intended to update and enhance key wipes market information from GO Wipes 2022. The European wipes market in 2023 is rapidly changing. Raw material prices fluctuate with inflation, petroleum price and still unsettled transport costs. Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine continues to muddle energy costs. Economic and political turmoil impact demand. The drive to decrease or eliminate plastics in wipes continues unabated. 

This workshop is intended to bridge the gap between the end of 2022 and GO Wipes 2023, adding new information developed since late 2022 as well as well as providing more detail on subjects briefly discussed at GO Wipes 2022.

The market shocks of 2020-22, including Covid-19, Russia invasion of Ukraine, and the resulting disruptive increases in transportation and energy costs, as well as potentially permanent damage to key markets like the European food service industry and any markets in Russia or Ukraine, are finally being accounted for as the nonwovens wipes industry responds to the new “normal”. The years 2020-22 were years of transition, from surges and purges in 2020, the pandemic year, to recovery and corrections in 2021-22. The year 2023 may be the year that defines the new “normal” for the European (and even global) nonwoven wipes market. As such, 2023 may very well preview this market for the next several years.

Workshop Agenda

12:00 Welcome and Introduction

12:15 Detailed overview of the nonwoven wipes supply chain

12:45 Questions and Answer

13:00 - 13:15 Break 

13:15 Raw materials for nonwoven wipes (Status mid 2023)

13:45 Questions and Answers

14:00 Nonwoven products and processes for wipes (Status mid 2023) 30 minutes

14:30 Questions and Answers 

14:45 - 15:00 Break 

15:00 Nonwoven wipes end use markets (Status mid 2023) 

15:30 Questions and Answers

15:45 Nonwoven wipes converters and brand owners

16:15 Questions and Answers

16:30 Closing remarks