GO Wipes Podcasts

Did you miss GO Wipes 2016? Are you interested in finding out more about the wipes industry?

Smithers Pira have collated 4 podcasts from GO Wipes 2016. Click on the podcast below to complete a short form and receive a link to listen to the podcast.

What's effecting the wipes industry?

Listen to insights from leading water companies, suppliers, manufacturers and retails from the wipes industry on what’s effecting the wipes industry today? 

Flushability and product stewardship

Abby Bailey, Director Marketing & Communications at EDANA presented at GO Wipes 2016 on the 'Flushability and product stewardship (or why the wipes industry, water handlers and retailers work best together)'.

Understanding consumer buying trends

Sean Riley, Chief Executive DUDE / Co-founder from Dude Products Inc and Brian Wilkin, Co-founder also from Dude Products Inc presented on 'Understanding consumer buying trends: how should the wipes industry respond?'