2017 Programme

GO Wipes Europe 2017 takes place from 16-17 November and you can see the agenda below.

Conference Day One - 16 November 2017


  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

  3. International market trends

    Phillip Mango | Associate Consultant of Smithers Pira

  4. Global regulatory challenges across various wipes segments (TBC)

    Ian Watt | European Product Stewardship and Regulatory Manager Global Regulatory Sciences and Product Sustainability of Dow Microbial Control

  5. Regulatory update for wipes in the European Union

    Dr Anna Gergely | Director, EHS Regulatory of Steptoe & Johnson LLP

  6. What exactly is a Millennial and what will the impact of their behaviours and beliefs have on the wipes market?

    Lorraine Crosbie | Business Unit Director of Rockline Industries

    The millennials truly are the most talked about consumer group in generations.  There are literally 1000s of stats all over the internet about this consumer group, many conflicting, not all accurate and some worrying.  This paper wants to consolidate much of what we know and what we think and focus in on the key values of millennials that will influence their purchases over the coming decade.

  7. Networking refreshment break


  1. Engaging European stakeholders on flushability for wipes

    Pierre Conrath | External Relations and Sustainability Director of EDANA

  2. Keep it balanced! How to walk the tightrope through the manufacturing process of flushable wipes

    Sebastian Basel | Business Manager Speciality Papers of Kelheim Fibres GmbH

    • The right balance between strength and dispersibility of flushable wipes is essential. The main requirements on MTT products regarding physical properties, but also regarding their biodegradability will be shown. A brief spotlight will be given on the current global regulatory status.
    • The presentation will demonstrate how you can shift the nonwovens properties from very strong to very dispersible by using the right combination of raw material and line settings.
    • Additional relevant influences in the subsequent process steps will be highlighted, e.g. converting.
  3. Advanced wipe materials containing Polylactic Acid (PLA) fibres

    Dr Edmund Carus | Owner of Carus Consultancy Services

    This paper will explkore the existing and future technical aspects of PLA nonwoven wipe materials produced by various technologies including MB, SB and spunlacing exhibiting full sustainability and environmentally responsible disposal. In particular. Cotton/PLA wiping nonwoven materials will be discussed, these exhibiting either oleophilicity or hydrophilicity as required coupled with highly desirable surface and other physical properties to achieve more effective wiping performance.

  4. Panel: Integrating sustainability into everyday operations

    Featuring leaders from Sainsbury's Supermarkets, NatureWorks, Lenzing and fabriCreation

    Mike Harris, Category Technical Manager (Household and Pet), Sainsbury's Supermarkets

    Eamonn Tighe, Fibers & Nonwovens Business Development, NatureWorks LLC

    Heidi van den Hul, Owner, fabriCreation

    Dr Peter Bartsch, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Lenzing AG

  5. Networking lunch


  1. How to build timelines to successfully launch your next wet wipes

    Heidi Beatty | CEO of Crown Abbey, Ltd

    • Learn from many years of experience of launching Wet Wipes across categories from Baby Wipes to Surface Disinfection, using tools and tricks from both Project Management & R&D to build a timeline for success.
    • How to deal with the unknowns of the project, and the failures along the project path? Gain practical knowledge that can be implemented with your project teams.
    • Key Lessons Learned from running hundreds of wet wipe projects - so your team doesn't need to fall into the same traps!


  2. Building true consumer insights to respond to development needs in nonwoven markets by utilising multiple social media channels: case We Love Wipes

    Saara Söderberg | Vice President, Marketing & Product Management of Suominen Corporation

    We Love Wipes is social media platform of Suominen. In 4 years digital community has reached over 30000 members who continuously interact and share their beauty, hygiene and cleaning habits, likes, dislikes and wishes via several social media channels. Information is used to create consumer insights which are utilized in Suominen’s product development to truly respond to market needs of products containing nonwoven.

  3. Challenges in developing Clorox disinfecting wipes

    Nikhil Dani | Associate Research Fellow, R&D of Clorox

  4. Networking break


  1. Microbiological Quality Management MQM – a holistic approach to ensure safe wet wipe production

    Clare Clark | Technical Support Manager of schülke UK Ltd

    1. Introduction and explanation:

    • microorganisms such as Gram positive and negative bacteria, mould and yeast are ubiquitous and able to colonise surfaces and materials where adequate condition exist especially in the presence of water. Biocides today are successfully used in most aqueous products to prevent microbial contamination and degradation of materials, however contamination risks during manufacturing processes of water-based products are often neglected.
    • Legislative impacts in the EU and also NGO requirements will significantly reduce the availability of antimicrobial actives, disinfectants and blended ready-to-use-preservatives in future. In addition, the consumer trends for ‘greener’ and ‘natural’ products force formulators to use ‘alternative’ ingredients where efficacy is clearly restricted.

    2. MQM (Microbiological Quality Management):

    • Concept what is it and how can we use it to ensure satisfactory production of Wet Wipes
    • Drill down into the processes which contribute:
      • Raw material quality
      • Hygienic design – pipes, storage tanks, filters, machinery
      • Preservation
      • Plant hygiene – cleaning and disinfection measures
      • Staff hygiene
      • Change control
      • Training and monitoring
  2. Performance polymers – streak free cleaning & fibre protection

    Gabi Ohlendorf | Technical Application Manager Industrial & Home Care EMEA of Clariant

    In the increasing market of wet wipes for Hard Surface Cleaning, more and more diversification can be observed. Consequently, wet wipes producers are constantly looking for new claims and innovative performance effects. This can be achieved through design of the wipe material as such, or the choice of ingredients for the liquid phase.

    Key parameter in the design of specialty polymers is the surface modification of both soft and hard surfaces. In this lecture, two polymers with the focus on potential application benefits in hard surface cleaning wet wipes shall be presented.

    The first polymer is designed to be able to prevent surfactant residues on shiny surfaces. As wet wipes are usually used without a subsequent rinsing step, the feature of leaving the surface streak-free is highly important, especially when using the products on glossy glass and ceramic surfaces.

    The second polymer is known as a Soil Release Polymer, broadly used in laundry detergents. These polyester based polymers are known to be able to modify polyester fabrics. When applying these polymers to wet wipes, the wipe will be hydrophilized, facilitating the wetting performance. Soil Release Polymers in addition have a strong dispersion power, and help to remove greasy stains. Being very mild to the human skin, these polymers can readily be used in applications with direct hand contact.

  3. Preservation of wet wipes with Geogard Ultra™

    Chris Chadwick | Technical Service Manager, EMEA of Lonza

    In a preservative market susceptible to restrictions by regulators, retailers, and NGOs alike, Personal Care formulators seek continuing market acceptance while maintaining a broad efficacy spectrum to protect their products and their reputation. A review of market trends shows increasing use and reliance on Organic Acids, one example being the Lonza blend Geogard Ultra™. Product recalls due to use of inadequate or inappropriate preservation systems continue, with recalls of wipes due to contamination of Burkholderia cepacia being one key issue, a reminder that preservative selection needs careful assessment, with product manufacturers naturally seeking more assurance against this organism. Test data showcases how formulators can use Geogard Ultra™ as a basis to achieve efficacy against Burkholderia cepacia in wet wipe formulations.

  4. Chair's closing remarks

  5. Networking drinks reception

    On the evening of conference day one, continue discussions started in sessions, catch up with partners and make new connections over a drink. 

Conference Day Two - 17 November 2017


  1. Chair's opening remarks

  2. An emerging market with natural opportunities: cosmetic face masks and hydrolysed jojoba esters

    Tiffany Oliphant | Director of Clinical Services of Floratech

    The daily-use, cosmetic and personal care facial wipe segment of the nonwoven industry is a growing market. Not only are consumers using facial wipes for cleansing, but they are also being used as a delivery system (e.g. face masks). Worldwide, the face mask market has quadrupled in the last two years with an estimated market size of about $1.6 billion. The facial wipe market is projected to have approximately 10% annual growth for the next several years (compared to only 5-6% annual growth for the skincare market in general). There are numerous opportunities for innovation and functionality in order to further gain consumer interest. According to a recent market analysis, over the next two years 35% of the women surveyed projected their intentions to purchase more “natural” beauty products, with millennials being the most likely. Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters offer cosmetic facial wipe and face mask formulators an opportunity to target signs of aging with a naturally-derived ingredient.

  3. Title TBC

  4. Networking break


  1. Suominen Design Lab: applying design thinking to deliver stunning patterned wipe solutions

    Markku Koivisto | Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Suominen Corporation

    This talk will presents our latest innovation: Suominen Design Lab (SDL), which effectively applies Design Thinking’s core philosophy of Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation to create nonwovens that other cannot. Inspired by deep consumer insight, SDL has developed a library of nonwoven substrates applying our proprietary Dynamic Topography concept - high resolution optimized patterning solutions whose texture you can see and feel!

  2. The new wipe substrate LEVRA Bi-form

    Fabio Zampollo | CEO of TKW Materials

    TKW Materials is presenting the new generation of ARVELL hybrid technology platform called LEVRA with the latest generation of the wipes substrate based in polymers and pulp without any use of water:

    • The status of development of Hybrid technology
    • Pro and Cons of LEVRA platform versus ARVELL platform
    • PET based products vs PP based products
    • BIO is now ready
  3. Eastman Vestera™: Developing an alternative cellulosic fibre for nonwovens

    Jeremy Steach | Group Leader, Nonwovens Application Development and Technical Service of Eastman Chemical Company

    Eastman Vestera ™ cellulosic fiber is a versatile fiber enabling improved softness, absorbancy, and opacity for the wipes market.  The fiber is manufactured in different cross sections (i.e. trilobal and round), deniers, crimps, and cut lengths to enable improved wipe properties per the requirement of the end-user.  The fiber is also a thermal plastic in nature which lends itself to thermal bonding related processes.

  4. The new baby wipes reality – Designing materials in an ever-shrinking space

    Dr Patricia Berger | R&D/Materials Development of The Procter & Gamble Company

  5. Networking lunch


  1. IIOT and advancements in machine user experience

    Jay Roth | Corporate Sales Manager of Elsner Engineering Works, Inc.

  2. The connected wipe converting equipment process : a leap into Industry 4.0 for wet wipe manufacturers

    Guido Conio | Chief Commercial Officer of Teknoweb Converting

  3. Selection, execution, evolution: 3 stages of converting equipment

    Anil Kirhalli | Director of Sales & Development of Kansan

  4. Chair’s closing remarks and close of GO Wipes 2017