60 second interview with Sean Riley, DUDE Products

Ahead of his presentation at the pre-conference workshop on 'Product innovation & trends for wipes', Sean Riley, Chief Executive DUDE / Co-founder of Dude Products Inc gave us his insights on future innovations, challenges and consumer demands.

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What are the top 3 changes that you can anticipate for wet wipes industry in the future?

Greener Substrates, striving for wipe materials that will not have a long lasting impact on the environment 
Greener Packaging, striving for packaging materials that will not have a long lasting impact on the environment, innovations and shifts away from plastic. Consumer Customization, smaller CPG brands will contine to find niche applications & add value to consumers who are currently being ignored  

What best approach to meet today’s consumer demands?

Micro launches and feedback. In our direct to consumer world you can launch products, gauge feedback and keep tweaking your product or brand. The idea of long, drawn out R&D processes will be a thing of the past.

Could you please give us a brief overview about your participation in the pre-conference workshop?

Building a brand from the ground up comes with many lessons and direct feedback about what customers like and dont like. I will be sharing what has and hasn't worked  for DUDE Wipes during our journey of building the brand. Our intimate connection with customer has allowed us to really understand who our demographics wants from wipes. I also look forward to hearing other perspectives, challenges and succeses of other company's brand building process.