60 seconds with Gabi Ohlendorf from Clariant

Ahead of her participation at GO Wipes 2017, we spoke to Gabi Ohlendorf, Technical Application Manager Industrial & Home Care EMEA from Clariant on performance polymers, developments with the wipes industry and her outcomes from attending this year’s conference.

You are going to be speaking on polymers for streak-free cleaning & fibre protection - what sort of things will you be sharing?

I’ll be sharing information on some of Clariant’s specialty polymers that I believe are interesting for the application in wet wipes. I’m going to show product properties as well as application test results. 

What do you think are going to be the biggest developments within the wipes industry in the next 12-24 months?

I expect wet wipes to gain more and more market share all over the world, going along with an increased number of related marketing claims. In addition, I expect to see a shift from innovation focus on the fibres only towards the chemistry used in the wet wipe lotions. 

In what areas do you see a lack of progress within the industry and how is this impacting Clariant’s plans?

I see a lack of official test methods for the performance of household wet wipes, and also some grey zones in the application of Regulatory legislation. 
The lack of proper test methods makes it difficult to show the benefits of chemicals in the application. 

What are you most looking forward to at GO Wipes Europe 2017?

I’m mostly looking forward to meeting different people related to the wet wipes industry. What interests me most is discussing this industry’s needs and future development.