Rockline on Millenial behaviours and beliefs of the wipes market

Ahead of GO Wipes 2017 we spoke to Lorraine Crosbie, Business Unit Director of Rockline Industries on Millenial buying behaviours, the next big developments and challenges faced by Rockline within the wipes industry, and why she is attending this year’s conference.

You are going to be speaking on millennials and their habits  -  what sort of things will you be sharing?

This is the largest ‘generational group’ and there are many ideas about who they are and what motivates them, I am going to help visualise this consumer group and highlight what is important to them in their buying decision

What do you think are going to be the biggest developments within the wipes industry in the next 12-24 months?

The biggest development and the most relevant discussion has to be around the education of the consumer of non-flushable wipes.

In what areas do you see a lack of progress within the industry and how is this impacting Rockline plans?

Sustainability – consumers/customers and Rockline are determined to drive the sustainability agenda, whether that is through cleaner chemistry, biodegradeability/fibre technology/sustainable sourcing/reduction in packaging this has to be the focus for our industry

What are you most looking forward to at GO Wipes Europe 2017?

Meeting up with the colleagues from the industry